Technology and Devices

Longacre offers a multi-year growth experience, with a focus on communication.

Our campers are developing skills they can use in the real world — and this includes technology.

Given the ever increasing use of technology in our society, it should not come as a surprise when children grow attached to devices that are as all-consuming as smartphones.

At Longacre, we want to help our campers develop a sense of balance with their devices, so they can better manage their behavior.

That is why, with strict limitations, we allow devices at our camp.


We believe that technology should bring us closer together. It should promote conversation and strengthen relationships.

Technology should not drive us apart. It should not stifle conversations or weaken relationships.


The purpose of the Longacre tech policy is to help campers develop a sense of balance with their devices.


You may bring your devices, and you may access them on your own time, which means not during activities or crew, or after lights out.

Blackout Period

There is one big caveat: no devices for the first week (for MiniCamp it's five days).

We refer to this week as the blackout period, during which we hold your devices. This ensures that your Longacre experience starts off on the right foot.

We want you to begin developing relationships immediately. If you feel anxious, which everyone does at first, we'll help you confront your anxiety, reach out to people and start making friends. We don't want you disappearing into your device. After the first week the devices are all yours.

We should also note that during the blackout period campers are not allowed to call home, or anywhere else, using the camper landline. This is a new rule for 2016.

After the Blackout Period

After the blackout period, the devices are yours, but we ask you to keep them tucked away during activities and crew, and after lights-out.

Outside of those times—like before and after meals, during meals, during rest hour, etc.—you can use your devices however you want. If you forget the rules, we’ll remind you.

There is no WiFi on the farm so you’ll be relying on 3G, which means no gaming, but if you need to make a call, send a text or get online, you can do it.

Exceptions to the Restrictions

There are a few exceptions we have agreed to over the years.

For example, you can use your camera phone during activities and crews, as long as it isn’t disruptive, and during kitchen crew you can play your music.

I think you’ll find that we’re not unreasonable. Remember, the purpose of this new policy is to help campers find balance with their devices.

Press Attention

After we adopted our new policy in 2013, we soon realized how controversial the issue of 'technology at camp' is, both for camp directors and for parents. If you are interested in how this issue has been covered in the press, check out press attention.