Health and Safety

The safety of your child is our top priority. If you have concerns unaddressed here please call us at 717-567-3349 or email Susan Smith at [email protected].

Director Susan Smith

This will be Susan Smith's 42nd summer at Longacre Leadership Camp (the camp's 43rd year). Over the decades, as you might imagine, Susan has developed a fierce commitment to safety. Safety now permeates the Longacre culture.

Student to Staff Ratio

Safety depends on adult oversight. The key to vigilant oversight is a low student-to-staff ratio. Longacre’s student-to-staff ratio is 3-to-1. One of the reasons it's so low is because we have no cooks or maintenance staff, which means all adults at Longacre Leadership Camp work with campers.

Age of Counselors

Our youngest counselors are 20-years-old. The average age is usually 25 (and that doesn't include our three directors, two 30-somethings and a 60-something).

Our counselors are often graduate students or professionals. We are very lucky: each spring we receive qualified applicants from many more people than we can hire.

First Aid and CPR Certification

Each one of our adults is certified in First Aid and CPR.


We have 4-5 counselors working as caregivers.

They are responsible for giving special care to students who may be sick or overtired. The caregivers have access to all student medical records. They are in contact with every camper, and in constant dialogue with other counselors.

If a camper needs to see a physician for a checkup or an allergy shot, the caregiver will make the appointment, take him to the doctor's office and stay with him the entire time.

Our infirmary is a renovated home (and our off-season office) next to the farm. In the summer it is air conditioned and very welcoming. We take students there when they need rest, if they are overtired, or if they are coming down with a cold. There they can sleep, read and play quiet games with the caregiver until they feel better and are ready to return to the campsite.

We take your child's health very seriously.


We collect all medicine and all vitamins on Day 1, including over-the-counter medicine. They are held under lock and key and dispensed four times daily, or as needed. Our check and balance system ensures that every student is accounted for every time, even on trips.

Hydration and Sunscreen

We talk about water and sunscreen incessantly. We basically handcuff our campers to their water bottles. At deck all students are required to have a water bottle full and ready for the activity period or trip. We are uber-conscious of this vital need. We monitor students' water intake and look out for signs of dehydration (most common signs are headache and flushed face). At the start of outdoor activities, we check in with campers and, if necessary, apply sunscreen and put on our hats.

Rest and Relaxation

Every day we have rest hour. It begins after lunch at 1:00 p.m. and lasts until 2:00 p.m. Rest hour is a time to kick back and recharge. It's also a way to avoid the midday sun (our campsite is in the woods under the canopy of the trees). Campers hang out with friends, play games, write letters, read a book or sit on the swing.

Hospitals and Clinics

Our physicians and pediatricians are located in the towns of New Bloomfield (4 miles) and Newport (5 miles). We sometimes use a clinic, Family Practice Center, in Loysville (13 miles). The nearest hospital is Holy Spirit Hospital in Camp Hill (30 miles). The police, ambulances and fire companies all know where we are located.

Criminal Background Checks

All counselors, both new and returning, undergo criminal background checks. This is in addition to our extensive interview process, which includes reference checks.