Two Programs

We have two programs.

The first is a leadership camp for teens, ages 12-18. It has two sessions, both three weeks. It's best to stay for six weeks.

The second option is a separate minicamp for children and tweens, ages 8-12. It has one session in August and it's ten days long.

Leadership Camp vs. MiniCamp

You'll notice that 12-year-olds are eligible for both programs: the leadership camp and the minicamp. We do this on purpose.

At that age, families typically feel more comfortable in one or the other. Here are two ways we think about it:

  1. Emotional maturity: How comfortable is she being away from mom and dad, like during sleepovers? Has she had any extended stays, maybe with grandparents? How did those go?
  2. Social maturity: Does he gravitate toward older boys or younger boys? How do older boys respond to him?

The answer to the leadership-camp-vs-minicamp question is about finding a fit. If you're on the fence, we'll probably steer you toward MiniCamp. Better for her to leave early (wishing she could stay longer) than leave late (burned out).


The most important thing is that your child have a positive summer experience. If we can ensure a good summer, experience tells us that the jump to the leadership camp is much easier.