Longacre Leadership Camp has two directors (Louise, and Lindsay) and a couple of owners that help out as well (James and Jack). During the summer, Louise and Lindsay run the show. During the off-season, they're in the office to answer your calls, interview you on Google Hangout, and send you stuff in the mail (cool stuff, not annoying stuff). James and Jack do their best to chip in when needed, and help with the business end of things.


Operations. If there is something that happens on site at the farm, chances are good that Weeze has a hand in it. Chances are pretty good you’ll find Louise with the horses. Louise runs our natural horsemanship program. She has 15 horses, two mini-horses (Rosie and Little Mo), and two horse barns.

Louise learned to ride when she was a little girl growing up in Nottingham, England. At Longacre she gets to combine her two passions, horses and education.

Louise has taken every opportunity to work with children in many settings, from an orphanage in Nepal to teaching English in Guatemala.

Louise is a great admirer of Pat Parelli, a man who teaches natural horsemanship. Natural horsemanship means “expertise and success with horses based on the way horses relate and communicate in their natural world”.

A few years ago, through the Humane Society of Harrisburg, Louise had an opportunity to rescue a horse that was living in a deplorable situation. She was able to rehabilitate it and find a good home for it here in Pennsylvania.

It was such a rewarding experience that she continues to partner with the Humane Society. Now she has eight rescue horses, and she works hard to nurture them to good health and then find them a good home.

Louise received her Bachelor’s from the University of Gloucestershire (England). During college she was as an exchange student at Juniata College, where she met her husband of eight years, Jake Warner. During the summer, Louise is the director of operations.


Camp Director. Lindsay is a relationship builder, first and foremost. Whether she is laughing with campers, coaching staff, or getting her hands dirty in the garden, Lindsay aims to provide opportunities for everyone to learn about one another, thereby allowing everyone to learn about themselves.

Lindsay comes to Longacre after 12 summers at YMCA Camp. Originally from Massachusetts, she has spent the past four and a half years as a Director at Frost Valley YMCA in the Catskill Mountains of New York. She holds two Bachelor Degrees from Springfield College, in Mathematics and Elementary and Special Education. She is a licensed teacher for grades 1­-6 and for students with disabilities grades K­-8.

Since college, Lindsay has worked at camp because she could bring her passions for cultural exchange, leadership, and character education to life in away that youth aren't able to explore in a school setting.

Lindsay is a volunteer for the American Camping Association, specifically working with committees to ensure that the camping industry is a more diverse and inclusive youth development organization. She hopes to support diversity at Longacre, continuing its tradition of a strong community, where everyone, camper, staff, and animal alike, feels like they belong and that they matter.

When Lindsay is not working, she is traveling, cooking, and making music. She studied with Semester at Sea in college, traveling to 13 countries in 3 months, which has opened her eyes to the power that connection, communication, and a home-cooked meal have on someone's culture.

We can't wait for you to meet her this summer!


Owner. James and his team bought Longacre Leadership camp from Matt, Susan, and Louise in 2017 after Matt and his family decided to move on. He had known about Longacre for years, and couldn't wait to bring his years of camp experience to help Longacre launch into the next chapter of its existence.

He and his wife Taylor ran the Vanderkamp Center in upstate NY for 3 years before co-founding Camp Stomping Ground in 2014. Along the way James has spoken at camp conferences across the US and Canada about the power of the adult-child relationship, and bringing better and more ethical business practices to running summer camps.

He served as a consultant for many camp directors before ultimately deciding to leave that world behind and support a single camp in realizing its vision more profoundly. That camp is Longacre.

At Longacre he helps primarily with the business side of things - budgeting, project prioritization, and marketing. He also loves to get to know Longacre families and hear their stories and vision, so feel free to email him at [email protected]!


Owner. Jack is a one of a kind mind in the camping world. He and his partner Laura did a camp-famous research project after graduating from college, spending about 2 years traveling the country visiting summer camps, speaking at conferences, and diving deep on the power of summer camp.

On the road, he fell in love with the unique opportunity camp has to re-imagine what is possible for kids. He became obsessed with creating culture, change, and community at camp. Since pulling off the road, he, his partner Laura, and James started Stomping Ground, an overnight camp where they get to do just that.

At Longacre, Jack supports our year round directors in every area from website to design, to program, to operations.