Dates + Rates

2018 Sessions

Session Description Length Ages Dates Capacity Price
1 Leadership Camp 3 weeks 12-18 Su 6/24/18 to Sa 7/14/18 72 $4,324
2 Leadership Camp
3 weeks 12-18 Su 7/15/18 to Sa 8/4/18 72 $4,324
1+2 Leadership Camp
6 weeks 12-18 Su 6/24/18 to Sa 8/4/18 72 $7,209
3 MiniCamp 1.5 weeks 8-12 Su 8/5/18 to W 8/15/18 72 $2,224
Returning Camper Registration New Camper Registration


Early Registration Discount

We are continuing to honor our early bird registration discounts from prior years, and we're moving the date back to October 15th since registration kicked off a little later this year.

International Discount

International diversity is very important to us. In 2016 we had campers from Australia, Belgium, China, the Dominican Republic, Guinea, Italy, Haiti, Jordan, Kuwait, Nigeria, South Korea, Turkey, Ukraine, the UK and Venezuela.

International campers represented 19% of our population in 2016 — up from 15% in 2015.

We have a goal of 25% by 2018. To help us achieve this goal we created the international discount: an additional 20% off for the first representative of every non-US country. If you'd like to learn more, please contact us for the details!


We give full refunds (no questions asked) before Feb. 1st, 2018. We give half refunds before May 1st, 2018. There will be no refunds after May 1st, 2018.


Need-based scholarships make Longacre Leadership Camp possible for families who cannot afford it. We have been awarding need-based scholarships since 1992 and we are much, much stronger because of it.

Typically, 10-15% of our campers are here on scholarship.

Scholarships are made possible due to four sources of funds: family contributions (you), tuition discounts (us), private donations (via the Longacre Foundation) and partner organizations.

Often times, family contributions have a variety of sources like extended family, fund raisers or church groups.

Examples of partner organizations are Summer Search, REACH Prep and ABC Wellesley. If you are not already affiliated with one of these organizations, or with an organization like them, it is unlikely you would receive a need-based scholarship; but anything’s possible, and you are welcome to inquire.

Future Summers

If you're not ready for 2018 but might want to take advantage of future discounts, please fill out the form below and we'll notify you.