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You Choose

Campers get to choose their activities every day.

We like to build, play, rest, explore, create, work and care. Splitting up activities into categories helps us find our passion (the fourth pillar of our leadership philosophy).

There are three activity periods: morning, afternoon and evening. Before each period we gather together and present you with the options.

This event is called Deck (because it’s held on the deck). Deck is also a time for you to make announcements.

At Deck, each counselor explains what he or she will do for the period. You’ll have 8-12 options to choose from (MiniCampers have 6-8).

You listen to the options and figure out what your top two or three are. Then, slowly, you divide yourselves up. Hopefully you get your first choice but sometimes you don’t.

Choosing activities on a daily basis gives you maximum flexibility. You're never locked into a long term commitment.

And it helps you improve your decision-making (the first pillar of our leadership philosophy).

The Importance of “Dropping”

It’s important to understand, you won’t always get your first choice.

We have to think about how our decisions affect others. At Longacre, we look out for our friends, and make sure they get their fair share.

Let's look at an example to see how it works. Louise, a director, can take five campers horseback riding. You raise your hand, but so do five others — that’s six campers. Because Louise can only take five campers, somebody has to drop his or her hand.

Since you went horseback riding yesterday, you offer to drop your hand so other kids can have a choice. Louise thanks you for being thoughtful, and perhaps you will get to ride tomorrow.