We are a group of highly specialised, technical products and services companies focused on attractive and growing B2B end markets. Longacre Group employs over 700 people in locations all across Europe, US and Asia with turnover in excess of £170m in our core sectors of: Technical Manufacturing, Business Services, Speciality Chemicals, and Healthcare Products and Services. We believe in decentralised management of our subsidiaries and aligning our management teams with ownership stakes alongside us to deliver transformational growth in our businesses.

Longacre Group seeks to grow through majority acquisitions with access to £100m equity capital in Western Europe. We take fast and transparent decisions and have full flexibility over our investment horizon. With access to our management resources and deal expertise Longacre Group is the ideal partner for retirement sales, corporate carve out transactions, long term holds, and management buy-outs/buy-ins.

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Quick transparent decisions

Ability to close transactions in short time frames

Up to £/€ 10M

Acquire and invest in companies with profits of up to £/€ 10m

Industry leading operating executives

Access to a team of industry leading operating executives to strengthen and support existing management teams


Investing £100m of flexible, evergreen capital