News August 6, 2014: Longacre releases pricing, dates and discounts for Summer 2015.

  • Marc performs with his guitar on the deck. (test)
  • Two students sit together on the deck eating lunch (new).
  • Two girls on the sofa together.
  • Three horseback riders look out over Longacre Farm.
  • Gavin uses the chopsaw safely.

Leadership Camp for Teens

Longacre uses the summer to prepare ambitious teenagers for long term success. Our 40th summer. Ages 8-18. Pennsylvania, United States.

An innovative program of leadership development: decision-making, responsibility, passion and direct communication — all during a summer chock-full of fun and friendship.

At Longacre’s leadership camp for teens, there’s lots of learning but not much instruction. Instead think of it as a string of opportunities. Our program allows high-achieving students to move fast. You won’t find a camp like this anywhere else.

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These two have chosen a leadership camp for teens. They are at the carnival in front of the merry go round.An Inclusive Community

A Little Responsibility Every Day

Students here have a little responsibility. Responsibility helps new students to feel included quickly.

Older, Returning Teen Leaders

Longacre is a student-driven program. This means that older, returning students in our Mentor Program set the pace.

Practicing Direct Communication

Our leadership style emphasizes direct communication. Four nights a week we gather together to listen to our friends reflect on the day.

The Independence to Thrive

Unstructured Time

If you want to be successful as a young adult you need to be comfortable with your independence as a teenager. It takes time to become comfortable with independence. The earlier you start, the better.

Six older teenagers caring for one another.Longacre is College Prep

Students Reflect on their Experiences

Longacre is college prep. We prepare students to get into college by preparing them for college.

Does Summer Camp Prepare You for College?

The answer is, it depends. It depends on whether the culture at the camp is growth-oriented.


You Choose Every Day

There are three activity periods: morning, afternoon and evening. You’ll have 8-12 options.

The Importance of “Dropping”

It’s important to understand, you won’t always get your first choice. In a community, we look out for our friends.

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